Densifying & Sealing

When budget is tight, and a solution is required densifying can also be used stand-alone, with emphasis on strengthening the wear surface of concrete. This installation is very well situated in large-scale commercial/ industrial projects when the magnitude of concrete square footage is immense, and the budget is a constraint. Densifying will also provide a slight shine to the concrete providing some aesthetics, but the main function being a floor more resilient to heavy traffic, protected against wear, dusting, sweating, efflorescence & scaling.

  • Very cost economical
  • Eliminates dusting of concrete
  • Compatible with flooring adhesives or sealants
  • Increases the hardness on the concrete wear surface
  • Decreases permeability of concrete
  • Chemically changes the concrete to create a protective surface
  • No VOCs and conforms to LEED requirements
  • Good for use in a variety of locations or situations
  • Used in concrete polishing applications

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